A Bouquet for Topless Anne-Claire Bousquet

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brian-mcgee - September 13, 2017

Anne-Claire Bousquet only has 2000 followers on Instagram. We need to fix that immediately. Sign up for an account and follow her. She's amazing. In fact, if you do decide to follow her, send her a bouquet tell her it's from me, with love. A bouquet for my Bousquet. That's a little inside joke between us.

You see, it was hard when I broke up with my Canadian girlfriend, buy thankfully Anne-Claire was there to pick me up and show me that there was a world out there I could only have imagined prior to that day. In fact, I remember the song they were playing, and I want all of these nice people to listen to it while they gaze at the glory that is Anne-Claire Bousquet topless. Please enjoy, with compliments from Steely Dan...

Photo Credit: Guillaume Gaubert