Rebecca Leah Studiously Topless

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brian-mcgee - May 8, 2017

There's something about a woman in glasses that drives me wild. It's probably that age old misconception that someone in glasses is smarter than someone without glasses, and while I never laid eyes on Rebecca Leah before this morning, I can say that she's easily the smartest and hottest woman I've seen in some time. How do I know that? Because she's wearing glasses, of course. And no, I've never heard of circular reasoning.

Rebecca is looking very studious in her home office, making sure to coordinate her pen and her top. Thankfully the top doesn't stay on long and we get to observe Rebecca in what I presume to be her natural habitat. She seems like the kind of woman who is most comfortable when the only thing she's wearing are her glasses and the only thing in her lap is a copy of Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Archipelago." 

Call me crazy, but I think Rebecca's glasses really complete her look. The handful of pictures of her where the glasses are up on top of her head are somehow less sexy, but Rebecca's the kind of woman who's never not sexy... Even when reading Solzhenitsyn. 

Images via Girlfolio